This month we celebrate Easter and the beginning of spring. I love this time of the year because I think the Bradford pear trees in bloom are exquisite. However, people who suffer from allergies would disagree with me.

Other news this month includes the 5th re-issuing of my first book, "Unforgettable Moments".  I'm very proud of that book and the stories people shared with me. It's so interesting when I ask people "What is a moment in your life you will never forget as long as you live?" Many people say nothing interesting has ever happened to them, but I find that after I ask them 3 or 4 questions they remember something.

I am also almost through with my second book, "I Can't Believe I Did That!" Wow! The variety of stories people told me for this topic has amazed me. Some of them should write their own book. The deadline for this book is the end of September so it will be available to purchase for Christmas, teacher's gifts, etc.


Publishing my column in 5 newspapers, trying to keep updated with my web page and interviewing for my new book is keeping me very busy for a retired lady.  The vision I had for my retirement turned out to be quite different in reality. I thoroughly enjoy what I'm doing and meeting new and interesting people every day. There doesn't seem to be much time for sitting outside in the swing reading a book.

My family is wonderful, supportive, funny, caring and there if I ever need them. My friends are many, only a phone call away, as easy going as I am and ready on a moment's notice to take off for a good "Girl's Weekend" if one is needed.

My church is awesome. Never have I known such faithful, loving, giving and good hearted people. Our pastor is wonderful and full of new and inventive ways to get the message across to us. Aside from that, the ladies in our church are the best cooks ever (excluding my grandmother of course).  Since joining this church I have found it impossible to be a faithful Weight Watcher's member because a covered dish dinner there at least once a month tests my inability to pass by without sampling everything. I'm also thankful fluffy is in!! (I prefer fluffy to overweight.)

Giving a book makes a terrific gift for so many occasions, especially for those who are hard to buy for and everyone has one of those people in their life. For instance, I put books in our daughters' Easter baskets (even though they are in their 30's they still get a basket each year). Their favorite candy is added along with a gift card of some sort. Then there's Mothers day, Fathers Day, birthdays, Christmas gifts, teacher's gifts, Valentine's Day and anniversaries. I hope when these occasions roll around you will remember my books and give them to your family and friends.

If you have bought my book and haven't put a comment on my guest page yet, please do so. I'd love to hear what you thought about the book.

Until next month, read and learn. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and reading helps keep the mind informed.

Paulette would love to hear from those who read her book.  Leave comments on the Guest Page or e-mail her at

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